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ТОВ «РВП» - грузовые подъемники всех типов

ТОВ «РЕМВЕРСТАТПОСТАЧ» специализируется на производстве, реализации и монтаже электрических грузовых подъемников, которые сегодня активно применяются во всех отраслях для вертикальной транспортировки разногабаритных грузов. Грузовые подъемники повсеместно признаны лучшей заменой электрических грузовых лифтов, причем не уступают им даже в уровне безопасности и эксплуатационных возможностях. По сути, единственное отличие лишь в том, что лифтовой подъемник в отличие от промышленного лифта, не может перевозить людей. Этот факт является одновременно и преимуществом – подъемник не требует регулярных изнуряющих проверок, а эксплуатация его обходится значительно дешевле.

Stable company

For many years we have been helping businesses grow throughout Ukraine - thousands of our elevators are in stores, shopping centers, catering establishments, warehouses and enterprises. The secret is simple - the professionalism of the staff in the office and in production.

Reliable and safe lifts

The design of the lifts complies with safety requirements and is recommended by experts for use.

Transparent pricing

As soon as it comes to the specific prices of goods and services, for some reason it is customary to first politely remain silent. But we have nothing to hide. On the company's website, you can find out which price range is relevant today for different types of lifts, what their price really consists of, and how you can reduce it and what you shouldn’t save on.

Keeping deadlines

We appreciate the time of our customers and are accustomed to fulfill these promises. So a full cycle of work on the lift, starting from the design stage, ending with putting the mechanism into operation, usually takes from 10 to 45 working days, and your company, store or warehouse complex does not have time to stand idle without work.

We help improve business efficiency

Work on each project in "RVP" is based on a simple, but extremely important truth - helping others, helping yourself. We create each project of the lift in such a way that the design is the most optimal and convenient for solving the issues of cargo movement exactly at your object.

Powerful production base

Our own production allows us, for the most part, not to depend on suppliers and independently control the quality of products from the inside. Moreover, it contributes to the continuous improvement of our products, introducing their own innovative ideas developed by our design department.